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Property Up Inc – Barrington Realty Offices of John Herman, Real Estate Agent

I am John Herman, Managing Broker of PropertyUp, and I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Ever since I was little I was riding snowmobiles, motorcycles, and  4-wheelers because it gave me thrill and excitement. That included the challenge of pulling a 4-wheeler out of a knee-deep ditch, which is a part of the game. 

Real estate transactions aren’t all that different. It’s all fun and thrilling until you get a puzzle to solve or a “ditch” to climb out of. One of the things I love about my job is being able to help people overcome these challenges and get them safely across the mark to the beginning of their new journey.

One of my very first transactions was a neighbor on the next block going into foreclosure. I had asked the owner if he wanted me to sell his house, and he let me know that it was too late for that since the bank was planning on seizing the house the very next day.

I was heartbroken and decided that I would do everything I could to help him avoid foreclosure. After working non-stop with attorneys and the bank, I was able to extend the foreclosure in time to sell the property.

This was the start of my real estate journey, and I have helped many others complete successful real estate transactions since then. I love helping families find their perfect homes, sell their homes, or identify their next investment opportunities. What I love most is being able to share their excitement and to be able to educate them about the process along the way.

I love taking boat rides on the Fox River where we live because it gives me a feeling of peace and connection with my friends and family, and a sense of belonging. I think this is the ultimate goal of people buying a home or selling to move to a new place. 

During the process, every client becomes our extended family as we experience every step of the transaction with them along the way. We want to help them find their own place where they feel a sense of belonging and connection.

We combined my passion for people and my wife’s passions for technology and marketing into a system that exceeds our client’s expectations and delivers great results. We have a team of experienced agents that are experts on Barrington realty, as well as about real estate all over the Chicagoland area.

My favorite call to make to my client is it to tell them that we just sold their home or that their offer of the home was just accepted! This is probably the most exciting day in people’s lives, as it marks the beginning of the new chapter in their lives. Real estate is not a job for me, it is a passion for transforming people’s lives and helping them to accomplish their dreams.

Here are just some of the services our realty offices provide:

Listing Services

List your property for sale with us and take advantage of our cutting-edge home selling system. A listing agent at our realty offices will help showcase your property in the best light, help you get targeted market exposure, and make sure that you get the best offer for your home.

Buyer’s Agent Services

There’s so much more to buying a home than the price! An expert real estate agent from our team will help you map out the best steps for your unique situation. They’ll help you in numerous ways that will save you time, money, and help navigate a complex process with ease.

Financing Help

Getting prequalified for a mortgage will give you an idea of how much you can expect to borrow to purchase your home. This can help you in many ways throughout the buying process, like preparing your budget, and negotiating better when you make an offer to the seller. Talk to an agent at one of our realty offices today about getting pre-qualified.

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