About General Iron

General Iron is a family-owned and operated scrap metal recycler whose business spans four generations. Rose Rosenmutter started the business on Chicago’s north side in the early 1900s to provide for her seven children. Her son, Nate Rosenmutter, developed several innovative processes that were widely adopted throughout the industry and was hailed as an industry-leading pioneer.

Today, Nate’s daughter and grandson operate General Iron’s facility. The company specializes in processing and recycling over 700,000 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material annually, while providing head-of-household jobs for more than 130 people. General Iron has thousands of suppliers from the Chicago area, including individuals who earn a living by collecting recyclable goods gathered from streets and alleys, as well as demolition companies, auto recyclers, and other recycling facilities. General Iron transforms this raw material into a consumable end product for steel mills and foundries, completing the recycling process.

After a century of change, General Iron continues its mission of promoting sustainability and conducting business that has a positive environmental impact on the world we share. Our mission includes being a good employer to our dedicated workforce and a good neighbor to the residents in our community. With our commitment to being the best-in-class at what we do, along with community support, together we can all make a huge impact on our city for current and future generations.

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