Andigo Credit Union

A little about Andigo — All about you.

Back on January 27, 1939, ten incorporators deposited $5 each to start our credit union. We had $50 in collective capital and we got going providing the good people of Illinois with the financial services they needed. Like bank accounts instead of shoeboxes and the means to buy that pretty little 1942 Pontiac Streamliner.

80 years later, not a whole lot has changed. We may have grown from $50 to nearly $900 million in assets and over $77 million in capital, reflecting a net worth of more than 10% of assets and from ten incorporators to nearly 40,000 members across the country. But we’re still focused on our members and live by pretty simple beliefs:

  • We do what’s right for members to improve their financial lives
  • We treat member needs just like our own needs
  • We can succeed only if our members succeed

These days, that ‘42 Pontiac has turned into a Tesla Model S, and we’re marveling at the invention of the Apple Watch™ instead of the Slinky™. But Andigo is still here to go wherever you’re going. From the daily grind to lifetime decisions, we’re there. Want to retire at 30? We’ll equip you with the right tools to avoid that mid-life crisis. Off to school? We’ve got your emergency credit card ready (for emergency tacos, let’s be honest). Saving for that dream day? We know no wedding is complete without at least two dozen white trumpeter swans.

Life’s short and your dreams are big. Andigo Credit Union is here to help you grow from a kid with a shoebox to an adult with a retirement plan — and all the adventures in between.

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