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Agnes Lepicka M.A. LCPC (Agnieszka Lepicka) specializes in mental health counseling and behavioral services for children and adolescents. Her approach to therapy is integrative with a primary foundation in cognitive behavioral therapy along with systemic, multicultural, and relational perspectives.

Agnes began her career working with victims of child abuse. Agnes worked with victims of domestic violence and sexual abused using trauma-focused , Cognitive- Behavioral therapy combined with Play Therapy. Agnes has specific expertise in the areas of crisis intervention and legal advocacy.

Agnes, has also had great success and extensive experience working with persons who have struggled with Anger Management , Aggressive Behavior Anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, ADHD, trauma, family conflict among many others.

As a skilled Counselor, Educator and Coach, Agnes offers therapeutic services specifically designed to help children, adolescents and adults. Given that children frequently have difficulty putting their feelings into words, they require therapists who understand and specialize in their developmental and emotional needs. Therapy with children and adolescents can take a variety of forms. Frequently Agnes uses play therapy, which relies upon using the language of a child’s imaginary play to provide a greater understanding of the young client’s emotions with adults Agnes  provides counseling services in an empowering environment where clients can feel safe and secure as they work toward achieving their goals.

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