International Bank of Chicago

International Bank of Chicago is dedicated to being a productive member of the community. In order to benefit residents and make a positive impact, the bank focuses on providing diverse, accessible and proactive services. International Bank’s products are also designed to serve customers in a manner that will not only meet their financial means, but also contribute to the greater good of the community as a whole.

Many residents and business owners face a variety of challenges including poor credit histories, a lack of financial resources and insufficient knowledge of financial issues. International Bank attempts to respond to the many needs of these individuals by providing safe and affordable financial products, offering valuable financial seminars, helping to prevent predatory lending and re-investing capital into the community in order to build sustainable and self-sufficient neighborhoods.

Many of the residents and business owners with whom the bank does business have had limited access to full-service financial institutions. International Bank wants to ensure that all of its banking customers have convenient and reliable access to a wide range of banking products, as well as the opportunity to reach their financial objectives – whether it be to start a business, purchase a home or open a checking or savings account.

International Bank of Chicago also provides online banking services to its customers. Bank customers can, either at home or at their businesses, quickly download up-to-date information about their banking transactions. They may also transfer funds to another account, stop payment on a check and change PINs and other confidential account information.

Our officers are also cross-trained in various areas of banking so that we may offer speed and quality of service along with personal attention. Our goal is to enhance our public image as a friendly, high quality institution that will project soundness, service and integrity. We do this throughout all the communities we serve with not only our great list of products and services, but with the diverse and adaptable approach that makes International Bank of Chicago a bank truly focused on serving the people.

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